Early Intervention Programme

Early Intervention is a system of evidence based services for babies and young children with developmental delays and conditions and their families. It is offered in the first 6 years of life which is when the brain is most malleable. Research shows that early intervention can change the trajectory of developmental issues and have a significant long lasting impact on health, productivity and quality of life.

Children learn best through play and early intervention uses this to its advantage. Trained specialists will play with child in certain ways to build lacking skills and coach you as parents so that you can do the same at home. Through fun and games and some amount of discipline at your end, you can ensure a more secure and healthy future for your child.

FOR Children with developmental delays and conditions
BY Trained specialist
WHEN From birth till child turns 6 years
PURPOSE To help your child achieve age appropriate developmental milestones

To mitigate functional impact of diagnosed conditions

To change and improve developmental trajectory of your child

To prepare your child for school

HOW With evidence based practices and strategies shown by science to be effective and developmentally supportive. The emphasis is on playing with the child in a certain way and on training you as the parent so that the intervention becomes an on-going process in the daily routine of your child