Family Guidance

The relationship between you and your child has a major influence on various aspects of your child’s development. Developmentally supportive parenting skills and behaviours will help your child reach his potential and prevent developmental setbacks.

The increasing trend of nuclear families and working parents makes parenting a major challenge wherein, the responsibility of raising healthy, happy kids may sometimes feel overwhelming for new parents. With so little help and assistance available, parents resort to information available on the internet which may/may not be from reliable resources.

One of the guiding principles of early childhood development states that all families with the necessary supports and resources can enhance their children’s learning and development. Evidence based guidance by trained professionals will help boost your child’s development, reduce parental anxieties and let you enjoy and celebrate your parenthood.

FOR Family members and caregivers seeking evidence-based practices, tools and other resources.
BY Trained specialist
WHEN From birth till child turns 6 years
PURPOSE To answer parental concerns and reduce anxieties
To provide evidence based guidance to parents who are wondering if they are positioning, feeding or playing with the baby appropriately
To help you know the reason for certain behaviours shown by your child and how to modify them
To teach you strategies to stimulate your child’s development
HOW With evidence based practices and strategies shown by science to be effective and developmentally supportive.