Financial Assistance To Purchase Assistive Devices

What is the Assistance to Disabled Persons (for purchase/fitting of aids/appliances) Scheme?
This scheme provides quality aids and appliances to persons with disabilities to facilitate their physical, social and psychological rehabilitation.

What is the eligibility criteria to avail of this scheme?
(i) The applicant must be an Indian citizen of any age
(ii) The applicant should hold a 40% Disability Certificate under the Persons with Disabilities Act or the National Trust Act
(iii) The applicant should have a monthly income from all sources not exceeding Rs. 20,000 per month. In case of dependants, the income of parents or guardians should not exceed Rs. 20,000 per month. Income certificate of beneficiaries staying in orphanages and half-way homes etc. will be accepted on certification of District Collector or Head of the organization concerned
(iv) The applicant should not have received assistance during the last three years for the same purpose from any other source. However, for children below 12 years of age, this limit would be one year

What is the application process?
The application should contain:
(i) The Disability Certificate
(ii) Two passport size photographs of the applicant
(iii) Income proof (any of the following)
(a) Income Certificate (Photo copy)
(b) Income Certificate from revenue agencies
(c) BPL Card
(d) MGNREGA Card
(e) Disability Pension Card
(f) Certificate from M.P/ MLA/ Councilor/ Gram Pradhan
(g) Notarized Affidavit
(iv) Identity proof of beneficiaries (photo copy of any one of the following)
(a) Passport
(b) Driving license
(c) Property card
(d) Passbook of a nationalized bank with photo ID
(e) PAN Card
(f)  Freedom fighter’s identity card
(g) Employee government ID card
(h) Ration card with photo ID

What benefits does the scheme provide?
(i) The beneficiary is provided aids and appliances, as notified, from time to time for various impairments
(ii) Essential medical or surgical correction and intervention, prior to fitting of aids and appliances, as per the following norms:
(a) From Rs 500 to Rs 1000 for hearing & speech impaired
(b) From Rs 1000 to Rs 2000 for visually disabled
(c) From Rs 3000 to Rs 5000 for orthopaedically disabled
(iii) Aids or appliances which do not cost more than Rs. 10,000 are covered under the scheme for single disability. However, in case of SwDs, students beyond IX class, the limit would be raised to Rs 12,000. In case of multiple disabilities, the limit will apply to individual items separately, in case more than one aid or appliance is required
(iv) For providing other more expensive assistive devices e.g. Daisy book players and other talking devices, netbooks and digital magnifiers for visual impairment and behind the ear (hearing aid) for hearing impairment, the items will be decided by an Expert Committee constituted in the Department of Disability Affairs with the approval of Ministry for Social Justice & Empowerment. The extent of financial support would be limited to Rs. 10,000 for each disability and Rs. 12,000 for students with disabilities in respect of devices costing upto Rs. 20,000
(v) Further, all expensive items costing above Rs. 20,000, except cochlear implant, that are eligible for assistance under the scheme, subject to income ceiling, would be listed out
(vi) The Government of India shall bear 50% of the cost of these items thus listed by the Committee and the remainder shall be contributed by either the state government or the NGO or any other agency or by the beneficiary concerned subject to prior approval of the Ministry on a case to case basis; limited to 20% of the Budget under the Scheme
(a) For cochlear implants (subject to a maximum of Rs. 6 lakhs per unit), 500 children will be identified under the Scheme per year
(b) Travelling cost would be admissible separately to the applicant and one escort limited to bus fare or railway, subject to a limit of Rs. 250 for each person, irrespective of the number of visits to the centre
(vii) The beneficiary should attend the Rehabilitation Centre nearest to his/her place of residence. Boarding and lodging expenses at the rate of Rs. 100 per day for a maximum duration of 15 days would be admissible, only for those patients whose total income is upto Rs. 15000/- per month and the same will be allowed to attendant/escort, and who are required to travel for the following:
(a) Corrective/reconstructive surgery for locomotor impairment
(b) Cases requiring stay for fitting artificial limb/caliper
(c) Cases requiring stay for ear mould fabrication/fitting
(d) Cataract surgery