Prepare For Change

It takes time to prepare for change. You will need time to prepare your child for the school you choose; to prepare yourselves as parents to let your child become more independent; to allow time for any adaptations that have to be made to the school building, or other supports to be in place. Many children have fears about starting school. It may be that he/she is worried about making friends; managing in the playground; managing the toilet; keeping up in a big school or worried that their teacher may not understand or get angry if they are not able to understand or follow instructions.

You can support your child by talking about starting school, listening to his/her worries and answering questions. You can meet some other children who will be starting school on the same day. You can walk or drive to the school to let your child know that it will be their ‘big’ school. You can make him/ her become as independent as possible before he/ she starts school. For example if the school has a uniform, you can get it so that your child gets to know how it looks, the textures of the material and so on. You can practice listening to and following instructions at home. Preparation can help your child make an easy transition into and a successful start in school.