iRockit believes in “Making early intervention services available to children all across India.”  As a part of its outreach program, iRockit has worked with various social service organizations to reach out to the marginalized children of our society.


iRockit as an act of reaching out to the community has worked with Astha which is a Non Profitable organization working with children and persons with disabilities irrespective of the type and severity of disability. Their aim is to work towards a society where children and people with disabilities are respected and valued.

Astha graciously accepted the proposal to become a field work site for internship for final year students of Lady Irwin College pursuing Masters in Human Development and Childhood Studies. iRockit in association with Astha became a ground for them to imbibe the basic concepts of Early intervention.

Besides this, iRockit interacted with the CBR workers and provided training and support to Astha to enable all marginalized children with disabilities to develop their abilities for inclusive education.

During this time, iRockit disseminated awareness about developmental milestones, tracking down those milestones, recognizing the warning signs, sharing knowledge about Early Intervention services, identifying disability and taking suitable action for it.

iRockit visited Astha once every week to share knowledge and information regarding inclusive education and emphasized the  Right to education for each child.

Mobile Crèches

iRockit as part of its outreach program works with Mobile Crèches, an organization working for the rights of young marginalized children. Their aim is to build a caring world for young children of the marginalized population to enable them to develop into competent and confident individuals.

iRockit does a baseline evaluation  and assesses the developmental progression of each child in Mobile Creches at the Connaught Place branch and shares necessary intervention techniques.

 iRockit also generates awareness by conducting training sessions for the Master trainers at Mobile Creches quarterly. This helps them to understand the key areas of concern for each child by identifying developmental delays which are addressed through targeted play and stimulation activities.

iRockit shares the same mission with Mobile Creches which is “To influence multiple stakeholders at National, State and Local levels by promoting Early Childhood Care and Development through providing and supporting services, enhancing capacities and campaign building.”

Samarpan Foundation

Samarpan Foundation is a charitable not-for-profit entity, established in September 2006 in New Delhi. We work to provide global support and assistance of any kind where there is humanitarian, ecological, environmental and animal welfare need.

iRockit in association with Samarpan Foundation will provide guidance on identifying concerns and delays for children of age 0-6 years, hold workshops on awareness about Early Childhood Development and on evidence based play activities and conduct assessments.

Rehabilitation Council of India (CRE Workshop)

iRockit believes in “Making early intervention services available to children all across India.” Taking this forward iRockit provided technical assistance to community based field workers in the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan in Jharkhand for 5 days which was approved by the Rehabilitation Council of India.

iRockit shared knowledge and information regarding Early intervention services, Individualised Family Service Plans and Best Practices to be followed.