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What to do when your baby resists caregiving from others

Parents of 8-12 month old babies are likely challenged by a short stage of development during which infants begin to resist affection and caregiving from anyone but their mother (or primary caregiver). Baby may refuse to let anyone else feed, dress, bathe, or put him to bed, especially if you are in sight. This is a stage of separation anxiety where baby begins to realize how dependent he is for love and caregiving. Here are some guidelines to help you support your baby’s feelings and needs during this typical and short-lived stage:

• If your baby refuses even the most affectionate caregiving from others help them understand the reason for this stage and know that it is typical

• Let your baby insist on caregiving from only one parent during this temporary stage. Other family members can gradually take over responsibilities for favorite activities such as bathtime or feeding. Encourage other family members to continue to enjoy play activities with baby.

Don’t worry that your baby won’t eat or get dressed if you need to go out; he will probably gladly accept others’ help if you are not around!

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