What We Offer

At iRockit Early Intervention we work with 0-6 year old children, with an emphasis on 0-3 years. We provide 2 specific services -
1. Identify delayed milestones through an assessment
2. Address developmental delays through targeted play and stimulation activities
An important part of our work is to coach parents to deliver specific interventions at home. The system we use is called Hawaii Early Learning Profile (HELP). Our work is mostly preventive in nature.

What we do and what we don't

We work with ‘at risk’ children which includes NICU graduates and children with developmental delays. The objective is to prevent or reduce the functional impact of a potential disability/ disorder by acting early when the brain is most neuroplastic.
In the case of children with diagnosed disabilities, our role is supportive in nature. For example, for a child with diagnosed ADHD where the psychiatrist or clinical psychologist plays the primary role, we support the child’s care by addressing global
delays which may go beyond the core behavioural and cognitive symptoms of ADHD.

Working with hospital NICUs

As a separate service, we work directly with hospitals to provide early intervention services to babies within the NICU. We implement developmental supportive care measures and modify the sensory environment in the NICU to mimic the intrauterine environment, thereby minimising the stress experienced by the neonate. In summary, early intervention is largely a preventive service. The earlier the child avails the service, the better the outcome.

Payment and billing

We charge Rs 3000 for an assessment and Rs 1000 for every follow-up session. Our session frequency is once or twice weekly. The first parent consultation prior to the assessment is free.